Swiss & Portuguese sewing workshops

Detail and precision

Joli Nous works closely with sewing workshops based in Switzerland and Portugal. Each creation Joli Nous is the result of a meticulous process involving long hours of work devoted to designing the pattern, tracing and then meticulously cutting it.

Patience, attention to detail and precision are constantly at the heart of this crucial preliminary stage. Each piece is crafted with particular care to ensure unrivalled quality and perfection. This artisanal process, combining traditional know-how and modernity, is a testament to Joli Nous s commitment to creating exceptional products, meticulously crafted in trusted sewing workshops.

The development 

Joli Nous offers products with impeccable finishes. To achieve this, we choose top-quality raw materials, sourced mainly in Europe and all certified. What's more, we use remarkably strong Gütermann yarns for every piece, ensuring the durability and exceptional quality of our creations.

Careful & resistant finishes

With a love of detail, we leave no stone unturned in the design of your products. Meticulous quality control is carried out after each product finish. Engraved rings, personalized fabric labels, high-quality paper labels, meticulous packaging, Joli Nous we like to make each piece chic, precious and unique.

A nice personalized box

Each piece you receive is carefully packaged in an elegant Kraft box (whenever possible), made from 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable.
We add a personal touch to your shopping experience by taking the time to write a short note with each order, to express our gratitude and to make each parcel a unique experience.